Am I over-engineering my website?

Just as with the adaptation “if you built it, they will come” the same should be considered for your online presence.

There is a fine line with delivering what you (or your client) needs today with trying to safeguard and future proof your technology choices. Time to market sometimes is sacrificed when trying to deliver a solution which meets every perceived eventuality.

With dozens, if not hundreds of applications available to you, how do you make the right choice for your business and then support you into the future. You need to ask yourself a number of key questions to help make the right first steps in your decision making;

What’s my scale? How many orders do I want a week or what’s the value of these orders?

If I must customise an application, will my customisation make it difficult to take on free (or licenced) upgrades when they are available from the vendor or community?

Has someone else already delivered my customisation and can I buy a plug-in to help me meet my business goals.

Do I need all these features today or can some of the functionality come later (someone may build it for you and you can leverage their development)

With these thoughts in place, try to select a platform which has a large array of plug-ins or 3rd party tools to extend the standard functionality as well as open architecture to allow for future integration opportunities.