Coming soon … Should I use it?

What should you do when you have a new domain but you don’t have a website yet? Your website project is large and you have lots of ideas.

By the same token, you have a new business or product and you want to tell someone about it, or you have had your business cards printed and you don’t want your potential customers to receive an error message when they try to visit your website.

A coming soon or under construction page can provide your visitors with some basic information that they have found the right site, if done correctly it can help build excitement about a new product, service or business, but only if it’s for a short term.

If you’re final site is going to take weeks (or months) to build, you should consider either forwarding your new page to an existing location in your current website or using a free or low cost content management system to create a basic website very quickly which tells your customers something about your business.

There’s plenty of options out there and a web site need not take months to build unless it’s an e-commerce site. Even then, you can get the public site up and running quickly.