It pays to do your homework

Do you have a long term relationship with your existing Manages Service Provider (MSP)? Do they have relationships with several hardware suppliers or do they always recommend the same manufacturer?

Your MSP does an amazing job for you so you trust them explicitly. They have many relationships to manage and most likely have their favourite for hardware so quoting is quick and easy. With this speed and ease is added cost though so it is best for you to do your homework.

With the volatility of the Australian Dollar, now more than ever it is important for you to look around when sourcing new hardware. Some MSP’s will encourage you to go full cloud, others will advocate on premise solutions and some will propose a hybrid solution. Typically though all MSP’s will have a favoured solution that they have trained professionals in and will encourage you to take up this path.

This is where Widjiboo comes into it’s own. We don’t sell hardware so we don’t have existing relationships to maintain or quotas to fill. Did you know that most MSP’s will have considerable quotas to meet so that they can keep getting discounted pricing for both software and hardware. It’s because we don’t have these relationships that we can offer you a candid evaluation on your proposal so that you get the best value for money.

What is your ideal ROI? What is the payback period comparing on premise to cloud hosting? How is technology likely to change in the next few years and impact your decisions. These are all questions I can help you with.

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