Web Design, so many companies offering it. With some offering FREE or almost free sites. Why would you pay for web design. To have a professional result without any hidden costs.

Widjiboo, it’s a funny name and was the nickname my wife and I had for our first pet. I researched so many words, combinations and abbreviations without finding anything that was particularly memorable. Also wanted something available to register as a business name, domain name and social media name. So I settled on Widjiboo :).

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Already working full time in a great role, Widjiboo occupies my nights and weekends. This helps me to stay current with different trends in the market. I have someone to help follow up during the day so don’t worry, we’ll get back to you quickly.

I will help design your perfect website, using either free or reasonably priced templates so you will save money. I’m a technology integrator, this means that I will build you a fantastic website using available tools. You don’t need to pay me to design from scratch.

If you want great value web design and one that is mobile friendly, Widjiboo can help you today. Contact us by email, phone or using Facebook messenger below. You won’t be disappointed.


I’m Pete and I have over 25 years delivering technology solutions to government and private enterprises. I have a background in coding with fantastic database skills and now work full time in an operations and systems role. I’ve started Widjiboo to help smaller businesses and even families take advantage of the lessons I have learned over the years.

I’ve had many roles from developer, project manager, general manager and operations manager. Out of all the roles I’ve had, I enjoy the problem solving or innovation tasks which I have been fortunate enough to work on.

It’s these skills I am now sharing to help you make the right technology decisions or build a new website quickly and with a minimum of fuss.


New website for Munchas Cafe

Very happy with the end result for Munchas Cafe. A new website launched today which is designed on WordPress using only free plugins and the Zakra theme. It’s a larger site with 32 pages and full of imagery, showcasing their award winning Cafe.